AFTRA’s view – take back the airwaves! VIII

Time for another labor leader, this time John Connolly, of AFTRA, an AFL-CIO affiliate. AFTRA and the S.A.G., of course, have overlapping membership but often have different views on key issues. Today, though, they seem to be on the same side. But Connolly wants to note AFTRA’s “unique” position to explore the ownership issue since his members are in all sectors of EMI. True enough and apparently expanding that membership too if the stories of their organizing are to be believed. And Connolly is apparently a key figure behind an effort at the AFL-CIO to coordinate EMI unions in a new industry-wide council. This is something that the S.A.G. is very chary about joining. Vallywood will look at that issue in the near future.

Connolly wants the people to take the airwaves back – a line delivered to loud applause. Hollywood is not the rich and the effete, he argues, but a quarter million working people in the EMI sector – expanding and capable of providing middle class livelihoods. Speaking as citizens and artists not just interested in “nose jobs.” Applause again, indicating that AFTRA, at least, has turned out a pretty good part of the crowd.

2006 Review of the Media Ownership Rules