S.A.G. and the new ICC at the AFL-CIO

Lauren Horwitch reports here SAG Strengthens Ties with National Labor on the recent controversial decision by the Executive Board at the S.A.G. to affiliate with the new Industry Coordinating Committee in the Arts, Entertainment and Media Industry (AEMI) of the AFL-CIO. I have discussed the ICC in a previous blog (scroll down to Oct. 25).

These committees are a useful effort by the national labor movement to leverage workers power in a particular industrial sector. Several questions remain unanswered about the effort, however. 1) Are they consistent with internal union democracy and autonomy? 2) How will they resolve conflict between affiliates, particularly in industries like the EMI sector where there are union members facing very different working conditions and business models? 3) Will the affiliates and the AFL devote the necessary resources to enable the ICCs to have some real impact on their respective industries?