Lessons of the WGA strike

Several commenters on various blogs have mentioned the need to increase the leverage of the talent guilds. That is a crucial point. There is a crying need for a coordinated strategy among all the players – WGA, east and west, SAG, DGA, IA, and Aftra, not to mention Nabet, IBEW, IBT. Certainly there have been some very helpful starting points – the SAG and WGA friendship for example.

While the strike has now forced the AMPTP to move off their last position, it is likely that this current round will leave something on the table and if Justine Bateman is right about the future rollout of broadband then that could be a big number. The question then is how to create the kind of pain (to use the apt phrase of the LA Times) to make the other side see the light? A staring point would be a council of all of the key players in the industry, based in LA with real resources to plan and lead both ATL and BTL.

The new world has players in several sectors including Silicon Valley and Wall Street. They must all be confronted if the map of the new era is to be made up of a fair deal for all.