Done deal? Implications for SAG?

Deal in sight? Now (early Saturday evening) the LA Times is reporting that

“Hollywood’s striking writers and major studios reached the broad outlines of a new employment contract, resolving key sticking points over how much writers should be paid for work that is distributed over the Internet, people familiar with the negotiations said today. The progress moves the two parties closer to forging an agreement that could bring an end to a 3-month-old walkout. A final contract could be presented to the Writers Guild of America’s board as early as Friday…”

This suggests that the hardliners who hoped to keep the WGA out until SAG could come into the picture have been either mollified with the new terms or pushed aside…but we will not know for sure until the deal terms become public. For the impact of a WGA settlement on SAG negotiations click here to read my post: All eyes turn to SAG….

Contract outlined in Hollywood writers strike