A comment about comments

I welcome comments and discussion about the posts I place here on Vallywood! The issues confronting organized labor in the EMI sector are complex and challenging and constructive debate can be an important means of responding to these issues. However, today I was sent an email that appeared to be an announcement about processes underway in SAG and AFTRA with respect to the approaching contract negotiations. This was sent anonymously and since at first glance it seemed relevant to the debate I posted it. However, it was followed by a statement from another anonymous source that suggested the first comment was false and perhaps even deliberately misleading. I have now deleted both of these “comments” because they are not really comments on the post that I put up on the question of SAG strategy in light of the terms negotiated by the DGA and WGA. I welcome comments that are specific and constructive responses to these issues but I intend to steer clear of internal disputes that are properly the place of SAG and AFTRA members alone, consistent with the democratic traditions of those two unions.