"Hollywood’s new militants just haven’t read the script" – says UK’s Independent

S.A.G. strategy – or lack thereof – is called into question by a major UK paper here.

This is intriguing: the headline suggests that going after DVD revenues would be a mistake and some comments in the article suggest it is wrong headed in the era of new media. But the article also notes that DVD revenues – which are tenfold higher than new media revenue now – will actually increase for several years at least as Blu Ray comes into full production. That reinforces the idea coming from some in S.A.G. that going after DVD revenues is crucial.

I certainly agree – but why didn’t S.A.G. begin that effort two years ago when they had the chance? Instead they went after their sister union, AFTRA.

Presumably they thought that elbowing aside their fellow actors would improve their chances at the bargaining table – though I have never seen or heard a coherent explanation of that logic. But they have now missed the chance to lay down the argument publicly about DVD revenues and to develop lines of attack on all the parts of the supply chain in this very complex industry. Instead, it is like putting all their chips on one number and spinning the wheel – you might win big but you might lose your shirt.

One can only wish them luck!