The left’s problem: "Obama’s Real Bill Ayers Problem" by Sol Stern

While thousands on the left view the vague promises of “hope” emanating from the Obama camp as a sign of a new progressive turn in American politics, it is becoming clearer why the current Obama campaign is a huge problem for the left.  This piece by neo-con charter school advocate Sol Stern argues that Ayers “social justice” agenda is a kind of trojan horse for Ayers far more radical (authoritarian) agenda.  I agree although my conception of Ayers’ politics is slightly different than Stern’s.  
So what is Obama’s alternative view of education? For the moment, Stern and co. have not figured out how tightly tied to Ayers’ views on education Obama once was.  And since, unfortunately, Obama speaks very little about his long experience with education issues (see my blog below on his leadership of the Annenberg Challenge) we do not know if he has really evolved away from the maoist radicalism of his long time neighbor Bill Ayers.

Obama’s Real Bill Ayers Problem by Sol Stern, City Journal 23 April 2008