Looks like I was wrong…..

No one knows for sure, but if this report on the Deadline Hollywood Daily (DHD) blog is right then it means that my guess that the extra week of negotiating time for SAG and the Producers was a sign of progress in the negotiations was wrong.  DHD’s Finke, who is known to have a pipeline to Justine Bateman at least, is reporting that the talks are going nowhere, little better than pro forma, with the Producers willing to wait out SAG until the June 30 contract expiration date.  
Of course, this means my long standing analysis comes into play: the time that the MF leadership of SAG wasted on internecine battles with AFTRA and its fellow SAG members means that they have built up little or no political leverage to force the Producers to cut a decent deal.  Finke is angry but if I was a SAG member I would be anxious – it would take a miraculous internal effort to turn this ship around now at this stage of the engagement.  It could be done but it would take a level of creativity and sharp tactical thinking that has not been much in evidence at 5757 Wilshire in the last year.