The Times They Are Changing? Not really for Bill Ayers

This 1994 profile of Bill Ayers, the former Weather Underground leader and player in the drama unfolding around presidential candidate Barack Obama, is an instructive portrait of the above ground Ayers.  The author bends over backwards to paint Ayers in a friendly light, but the key insight: Ayers views his work in education as a natural extension of his authoritarian 60s era politics.
Here is one key quote:
“Times change, things change, and what was appropriate then isn’t appropriate now,” Ayers says of his change of course [from the underground to above ground work in education]. “I look at the Chicago school-reform movement as an extension and expression of the civil-rights movement. It’s about urban dwellers of the North seizing control of the institutions that shape their children.”

Education Week:
Rebel With a (New) Cause