Obama/Ayers Update: From the frying pan into the fire?

Michelle Obama was on the campaign trail for husband Senator Obama this week trying to steer the media towards the Senator’s ideas for education.  The Obama-friendly Chicago Sun Times reported that she stated that:
“education was the issue that most concerns parents and her husband is the only one who can make changes there.
“It’s going to take us being, as a nation, deeply passionate and angry about the failing education for all kids,” she said. “When was the last time we heard some really solid questions for these candidates on education in a debate? You know all about the issues in our personal lives, but … education is the thing we should be angry about.”
Is this really the direction the Senator should take? Given the unanswered questions about the role of Billy Ayers, authoritarian leftist and educacion es revolucion guru, in the Obama campaign and in Obama’s rise to prominence, maybe it would be better to stick to, hmm, foreign policy, maybe?

Chicago Sun-Times: Barack Obama