Talks continue today…the pressure is on

Talks between SAG and the Produces are set to resume today after a short day Saturday and no discussions yesterday [like me, I am sure everyone was up late watching the Sharks go down in glorious defeat (: ].  

This means, of course, that the parties are under tremendous pressure. SAG made a huge concession late last week when they basically dropped DVD residuals from their set of demands (well, if reports are correct, the proposal is that instead of a 100% increase in residuals directly to actors’ pockets, instead the producers divert 15% of the residuals to the P&H plans – which means more money in the asset pool but nothing to increase returns to actors).  
But it is unclear if they got anything back for the concession.  Now with just two days to go, there is no sign yet that the parties have made progress on other demands related to new media, background, etc.  That means there is a very long agenda of issues to resolve and unless AFTRA is again willing to delay the start of their negotiations, it seems very unlikely that a deal could be struck this week.
And, of course, the $64,000 question is what blowback the two Allens will suffer from their base in Membership First.  Remember, the MF plan was to get AFTRA out of the room so that they could make serious inroads into the longstanding lopsided DVD residual formula.  Clearly that is no longer on the table.  
So far, the most outspoken MF’ers like Justine Bateman have been silent.  Of course, we are in the middle of negotiations, right?  It would not be prudent to speak out now and disturb the negotiations.  Of course, that did not stop Bateman and the two Allens from condemning the deals made by the DGA when they were in negotiations!  So, with those precedents in hand, fire away, critics!