Andy Stern’s Plumbers Unit?

Labor Notes is reporting that Andy Stern of SEIU is so fearful of the challenge being launched against him internally by opponents that he has formed a “skunk works” group to target them.  They report here that the leader of the effort is none other than Josie Mooney, a hench(wo)man for Stern from the Bay Area who is also a leading figure in steering Stern’s attempts to ally himself with the brutally anti-labor regime in China. 
Mooney actually believes that she helped representatives of the Chinese state’s labor arm, the All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU), figure out how to “organize” workers at Wal-Mart in China. Perhaps sister Mooney picked up some of the underhanded bureaucratic tactics she is using against American trade union members while sipping tea in the Great Hall of the People with the butchers of Beijing. Or perhaps she picked up her bag of tricks while chatting up the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing. 

SEIU’s Internal Divisions Spill into Delegate Races | Labor Notes