"Recreate 68": Authoritarian Left Blackmails Democratic Party

Claiming victory already over Clinton, the authoritarian left (many of whom are part of a pro-Obama group calling itself Progressives for Obama) is engaging in political blackmail now.  In this interview with NPR, Tom Hayden, one of the leaders of the street demonstrations that tore apart the Democrats in 1968 (with a little help from the rioting Chicago police) and a co-founder of P-for-O, is now threatening to break apart the party from within if there is “theft” of the nomination – from Obama, of course. Apparently he is not waiting for a police riot this time. The only problem with that idea is that Obama has not quite won that nomination yet. Not all the votes have been counted – super/pledged/popular – anyway you want to slice it. So much for democratic processes inside the Democratic Party. But of course voting is just a “bourgeois” luxury to the authoritarian left.
Among the leaders of “Progressives for Obama” (or P-for-O) are Maoist Bill Fletcher and Fidelista Carl Davidson. Davidson, like Hayden, is ex-SDS as is Davidson’s Chicago fellow anti-war activist, Marilyn Katz, who is an advisor to Obama as well as a big fundraiser. Pictured above are two of the P-for-O’s favorite world leaders of the Latin American authoritarian left: Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Evo Morales of Bolivia, who were pictured on their website recently in support of Obama’s widely ridiculed call for dialogue with dictators.
Of course, some in the authoritarian left, like Obama backer SEIU president Andy Stern, have made a regular practice of speaking to dictatorial regimes, like China.  Anna Burger of SEIU and its umbrella organization, Change to Win, is a P-for-O signatory.

Activists Prepare to ‘Recreate ’68’ at DNC : NPR