AFTRA Deal Fact Sheet and a critic’s reply

For a summary of the terms of the AFTRA deal, click below.


And here is one take on the terms by an opponent of the deal:
The main issues are:

Product Integration: Anyone who does or ever wants to do a commercial could find themselves working on an AFTRA show, forced to do a product endorsement within that show and effectively cutting themselves out of any future commercial for any competing product. (They make you hold a Budweiser and say “The King of Beers goes down smooth.” Don’t ever expect to do another commercial for any competing beer maker.)

Clips: Do you have the clout to say no to management’s demand that you sign away your right to clips when you’re negotiating for your contract to work on a new series? What about as a co-star or guest-star? Under AFTRA’s deal you could be taken out of the running for a job unless you sign away consent to the studios to take clips of your performances and turn them over to sweaty little kids in their basements who want to take that footage and turn it into a new short where you kill babies or mate with farm animals or whatever else they can dream up.

DVD: S.A.G. wants the employers to pay your Pension & Health contributions on top of your residual, instead of taking it out of your share of DVD revenues. The entire eligible cast shares only 1% of that revenue. You shouldn’t have to pay your own P& H contributions out of that percentage. AFTRA got ZILCH.

FORCE MAJEURS: S.A.G. contract has longstanding provisions for down periods when a project goes out of production because of an Act of God or strike by another union. We have said no to management’s proposal to wipe away pending claims and to force you to negotiate these rights by yourself. AFTRA negotiated nothing they want to piggy back on whatever S.A.G. is able to negotiate.

NEW MEDIA JURISDICTION: S.A.G. wants to cover ALL new media projects, no matter how low the budget. We should not allow major studios and networks to produce non-union new media projects without SAG actors because they have low budgets. AFTRA’s contract effectively creates a workplace where the studios will be able to employ union actors right next to non-union actors.