Blog Stage: A-listers to back 2Allens?

Will the A-listers back up the 2Allens this weekend? Andrew Salomon has – once again – broken an important story: there are no names out yet, but he is reporting on Blog Stage that several stars who were in the “get a deal quick” camp a few weeks ago are set to pledge their support for the 2Allens in the current bargaining round. A rally is apparently planned for 5757 Wilshire on Monday. The odd thing is the exact contract terms are not available to the SAG/AFTRA dual cardholders yet – so this is a rally against rumoured contract terms.
The unanswered question is what exactly do they want – kind of reminds one of Hillary’s non-concession concession speech the other night. Of course, they are right about force majeur but the SAG view on clip use is identical to that of AFTRA (in fact, it was SAG that apparently first proposed the language that AFTRA agreed to) and they have already thrown in the towel on any major change in DVD revenue. Well, there’s always product placement!
But seriously, folks, my guess is that this is all about face saving. The 2Allens need to say they got something, anything, that was arguably better than what the other three talent unions secured. 
The big economics of the deal are already settled – SAG could have saved everyone a lot of headache (and money in light of stalled production schedules) by welcoming the advances made by the WGA and DGA – gained with solid actor support – and greeted these as an important victory for actors, too. And yet also noting that actors demands would evolve as the technology and new media environment came on line. 
That would have been the sign of serious and thoughtful leadership. Instead they lambasted those deals to anyone willing to listen (and the blogosphere’s MF girl, good ‘ol Nikki Finke, was all too willing to provide them an outlet).
In the end, though, same result: lots of sturm and drang, but no strike and a contract that is remarkably close to that of the Writers, Directors, and AFTRA.

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