Two Cheers for SAG?

Ok, so SAG/MF says it has its own A-listers to counteract the effort of AFTRA to conducts its ratification vote on the recently negotiated deal.  
But what do we actually find on SAG’s new SAG/TV site?  
Only one star* (Viggo Mortenson) backs SAG’s anti-AFTRA strategy while 3 others whose video shots appear here only “support” SAG but say nothing one way or the other about the AFTRA deal at all. We can only presume, then, that uber liberal Martin Sheen as well as Ed Harris and Amy Madigan balked at the idea of going on screen at SAG/TV with the hardcore obstructionist message of the Membership First crowd.
This suggests a pretty deep divide inside the organization not just between SAG and AFTRA, with key members uncomfortable with the “scapegoat” strategy of MF (i.e., blame AFTRA for the disastrous MF “go-it-alone” strategy). Once the MF crowd cuts a deal (look for it within a few days of the ratification of the AFTRA contract) expect the start of the internal fallout at SAG. 
*Hey, I think Dave Clennon and Danny Woodburn who also appear on SAG/TV both do great work and they look great on their no-to-AFTRA video shots here but they are not quite in the same place when it comes to this A-list battle.  Of course, it does not help much that they make pretty specious arguments about the AFTRA deal (as if AFTRA members were not out on the picket lines supporting the WGA deal that helped AFTRA, and SAG, at the table today.)

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