A voice from the Gulag, Comrade Klonsky speaks!

Small Schools Workshop director, itinerant education school professor and former maoist Mike Klonsky, banished a few days ago from his old perch at the Obama campaign blog, has surfaced in exile at his new Small Talk blog to answer allegations that he has something to do with Barack Obama.  
Apparently, the fact that he blogged from February to May this year on the official Obama website about education policy and “social justice” teaching does not mean that he really has anything to do with the Obama campaign – anyone can blog there, Comrade Klonsky argues.  
Really? Anyone? Wow let’s put that webmaster in charge of our cyber security once Obama takes office. Welcome Al Qaeda, come right in, our telecommunications lines are open for business.
Of course, the minute I pointed out here that Klonsky was blogging there, poof, his page and all of his posts are gone.  Klonsky claims he just ran out of time to blog there, but that hardly explains why the site would eliminate his three month history of blogs.  (That’s like saying that Bob Dylan ran out of “time” to sing at Newport. Right.)
What has brought Klonsky into this discussion?  Apparently the potential links between Klonsky and Bill Ayers, his long time comrade and education world mentor (Ayers recruited Klonsky from the ranks of Chicago’s cab drivers to run the Small Schools Workshop), on the one hand, and the education policy of the Obama campaign are raising alarms among the pseudo-left supporters of Obama.  
Over at Edwize, Leo Casey has started an important debate about this issue.  It is worth checking out.  I posted my comments here.
Most of Klonsky’s blog today focused on attempting to distract people from the real issue, which is what is Obama’s education policy (no one can figure that out at this point) and what is the influence of Bill Ayers and others on Obama’s thinking in light of the long standing relationship between the two.
Klonsky attempts, for example, to claim that today he is a harmless school teacher because back then in the 60s he was, like so many others, just on a kind of spiritual journey through all the great figures of the sixties.  He has the audacity to include Martin Luther King in the same sentence about those heroes as the butcher of Beijing, and Klonsky’s former icon, Mao Tse Tung.  While he hints that he opposed Russian stalinism he omits reminding readers that for years his dictatorship of choice was the People’s Republic of China!
When Klonsky heard about the invasion of Prague by Russian tanks in 1968 – apparently in a phone call from Ayers’ future wife and Weather Underground comrade Bernardine Dohrn who was in eastern Europe meeting with Vietnamese stalinists – Klonsky decided that Russia was an imperialist power, too, so he was going to – what? oppose all imperialist powers?  NO, join the ranks of supporters of the Chinese regime!
Was this all a distant ill-spent youth?  Not if you listen to Klonsky here at this reunion of his SDS comrades late last year.  He actually celebrates the fact that they have overcome the differences of the past to become part of “one movement.”  Just what we need, a realignment of the authoritarian left to once again tear apart the emerging anti-war and anti-globalization movements.
And then Klonsky trots out the latest variation of pseudo-left wing McCarthyism by asserting that because I disagree with his views I must be a right winger (and a low life and lots of other nasty things).  Of course, it does not occur to Klonsky that it is indeed possible for people on the left and the right to agree on certain things – well, like facts.
One fact – actually  the only fact – that Klonsky contests in his post is whether or not he received a $175,000 grant for the Small Schools Workshop he runs in 1995 from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.  He says this is not true.  I wrote a comment for his blog in response to this allegation and I am posting it here just in case he decides not to run it (I wasn’t very nice to him):
According to a Program Report for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge dated May 8, 1996 submitted by Ken Rolling, Program Director, the Small Schools Workshop, of which you are identified as co-director, was awarded a $175,000 implementation grant by the Challenge.

Bill Ayers co-chaired the Collaborative arm of the Challenge which made recommendations on grants to Rolling and Barack Obama chaired the Board of the Challenge which made final approvals of grants.

Thus, I do not understand how you can now claim that you did not receive this grant. Perhaps there is something missing in the record? Perhaps you turned down the money after it was awarded? If so, I would be happy to make a correction on my blog.

In between your pseudo-left wing version of McCarthyism this is the only factual claim that you appear to be disputing so I will, if you don’t mind, ignore the rest of your babble although readers may be interested in my blog post on the new pseudo-left McCarthyism which attempts to suggest that only someone on the right wing could have concerns about the influence people like you and Ayers have on our nation’s young people.

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