The Quick and the Dead

Well really just the quick and dirty via mobile phone as this is house moving week.

The “white paper” issued by SAG while not a white flag does suggest that NED Doug Allen now has his final marching orders: get us the best deal you can and fast. 

The document is far too simplistic, and a bit late in the game, to represent the kind of intensive membership and public education campaign I suggested the Guild could have tried had it wanted to gear up for a more aggressive labor action such as a strike or work to rule effort (which might be a really interesting tactic to try in the film biz though all but impossible to pull off in this situation).  
Thus I read the White Paper only as a kind of place marker signaling where the Guild is today.

Likely the not so secret sidebar this week was all about dropping DVD residuals and now SAG is drawing a line in the sand on new media. But sand is easily blown away and likely this is just an effort to squeeze something out of the Producers on one or two of the remaining issues like product integration or clip consent.

If this works, a deal could be in the can by the mid August deadline allowing everyone to savor Labor Day and to think about what might have been had the Guild played a leadership strategy rather than a hit and run attack game.

(I am reminded by some that the above assumes a level of rationality at work in SAG’s tactical behavior at this stage in the game. Absent that, there is no way to predict or account for the possible outcomes, though several that come to mind are quite unappealing.)