A correction

Some time ago I described the altercation started by SAG President Rosenberg with prominent actress Sally Field at the SAG Awards dinner. Ms. Field is a vocal critic of the policies of the Membership First party that currently controls the Guild. I pointed out the irony that SAG proudly displays a life size mural of Ms. Field in her role as a union organizer in the film Norma Rae.

In response to that post – as happens frequently – a commenter attempted to undermine my credibility by suggesting that I did not know what I was talking about because the Field mural had been taken down.

When I mentioned this yesterday in the wake of a post about Ms. Field endorsing the new SAG opposition slate it was picked up by SAG Watch and on Actors Access. On Actors Access Richard Hadfield, in another attempt to suggest there is a problem with my credibility, confirmed the mural was gone but said it had been taken down a year ago not in just the last few months.

But apparently both Hadfield and the anonymous commenter were wrong as Brad Blaisdell has now stated that the mural indeed still hangs in the SAG lobby as I had originally stated. I am grateful for this information.

While I once allowed anonymous posting of comments here I now no longer do so as it clearly is something which can be abused.