A Kennedy in the White House?

Could Obama be thinking about Caroline Kennedy as his VP choice?
This Wall Street Journal profile suggests a capable and actively political Caroline is now emerging.
The choice would be a jaw dropper, to be sure, but it would likely cause a level of enthusiasm among former Clinton supporters that no other choice would likely have other than Hilary herself, and that is likely off the table. 
It would help lock up the women’s vote and help solidify Obama among older voters who still recall her father. 
It would fit with the idea of the Obama campaign as “above politics” and not a part of the inside the beltway world of D.C. And it would provide a surefire counterweight to the influence in the Obama camp of some of the more oddball and authoritarian Chicago types the Senator has collected over the years.
Of course, there is a precedent – Dick Cheney was, after all, also head of the VP search team for George W. Bush.

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