Obama on Reparations: For and Against?

You will have to decide for yourself whether this interview with Obama this weekend at a meeting of a minority journalists’ convention in Chicago demonstrates that he is for or against reparations.
But two things are clear: Obama was the first person in the discussion to raise the reparations concept, and somewhat disturbingly he once again attempted to use education policy as his way of dealing with the issue.  This points back to the “education debt” concept proposed by his education advisor Linda Darling Hammond and endorsed by long time Obama ally Bill Ayers. They propose that the top priority of the next president be the repayment of centuries of “education debt” that has allegedly accumulated since the days of Columbus.
This is the second time that Obama has made the connection between reparations and his education policy. But the first time was during the South Carolina primary when he was making certain of his base among black voters. Now he is the presumptive candidate, and while he is quickly moving to the center on issues like the war in Iraq when it comes to connecting reparations to education he seems intent on staying on this odd course.