Key Chicago Annenberg Challenge Documents

I will post over the next few days the key Chicago Annenberg Challenge documents that I was able to obtain prior to the door being slammed in the face of NRO writer Stanley Kurtz by the University of Illinois

While the records I have, including board minutes, financial records and annual reports, are no substitute for the material apparently held by the University, they do help explain the close links between Barack Obama and Bill Ayers as I explored here.
Chicago Annenberg Challenge Documents:
Tax Returns on Form 990PF:

These returns provide details about the grant recipients of the CAC including former Maoist and Bill Ayers’s SDS comrade Mike Klonsky’s Small Schools Workshop and the Developing Communities Project, once headed by Barack Obama.
2000 (to come)
Independent Assessments of Impact of Chicago Annenberg Challenge:

The 2003 report concludes that the Challenge had no effect on student outcomes.