Obama on the Mountain Top: War, War Not Jaw, Jaw

Gone tonight is Obama’s commitment to talk first and invade later. Make sure you understand what happened tonight, dear readers: Obama is committing the USA to long term war in central Asia and eastern Europe. 

He says it is to pursue the war on terror. Posh. There is no “war on terror” – pursuing Osama into his cave as Obama says has nothing to do with an illusory war on terror.

OBL lives and breathes as an instrument of the Taliban and the ISS, the Pakistan security service, which is ridden with Muslim fundamentalists supported by the nuclear Pakistani state. Why does Pakistan push armed guerrillas into Afghanistan?  Because it needs “lebensraum” as it is pressured on the east by India.

The same analysis applies to Georgia – Russia, too, wants “lebensraum” and Obama is committing us to opposing that expansionist effort through a mutual expansion of our military representative in the region – NATO.
This speech is a warning about the commitment of the Democratic Party to a new long war, no different from that started by the neo-cons under George Bush.  The Democrats entry into this gambit started with the Clinton presidency’s dissolution of the Vietnam Syndrome that kept American military power in check for many years.  Clinton used the slogan “humanitarian intervention” as an excuse to send troops in the former Yugoslavia.  Former Obama advisor Samantha Power pushed the same line using the more tragic excuse of calling any violent ethnic conflict a genocide to widen the ambit of American power.
Now Obama strips all that away and says, blatantly, that we are shifting our troops from the failed war in Iraq, now that we have destroyed that country and its fledgling democratic instincts, to Afghanistan and Pakistan and eastern Europe.
Beware, America, we are moving down a dangerous path behind the perfect multicultural candidate for the untrammeled exercise of American power.  Tonight America “cannot turn back” he said and our troops are at greater risk than they have ever been because there is now no American opposition to war and the unilateral exercise of American power in the world.