Obama/Ayers Update: What’s Wrong with Ben Smith at Politico?

To his credit Ben Smith at Politico.com has been one of the few who senses, correctly, that the MSM is ignoring the deeper relationship between Obama and Ayers.  But why does he ignore the readily available evidence that makes clear that the Obama campaign is misleading American voters on this issue?  
(The campaign and Obama seem to be at odds on this issue.  Obama himself now admits he saw Ayers – that “guy from my neighborhood” – a year and a half ago, just as his presidential campaign was getting underway. Perhaps they were both out walking their dogs? And Obama has not yet said publicly whether or not he continues to talk to Ayers.)
In his latest post on this issue, Smith continues to concentrate on the fall 1995 “meet and greet” session held for Obama at the home of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.
But the public records of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge which Obama and Ayers led together for seven years indicate that Ayers and Obama were together at the first two board meetings of the Challenge in March 1995.  
At the March 15 meeting, Obama was nominated by the board to become its chair.  Ayers also was asked to help draft the Challenge’s Bylaws together with Obama, among others.
In other words, Ayers and Obama were present at the creation of the Challenge together.
Clearly the relationship was, and likely is, far more substantial than the either the MSM or the Obama campaign maintains.
It is odd that even the Republicans don’t seem to understand the nature of the relationship and keep asking the press to look into it.  Of course, one problem for the right is that the Chicago Annenberg Challenge supported what one prominent teachers union activist called “teacher bashing” – in other words, the politics of the Challenge were authoritarian not left wing and some Republicans shared those politics.  
(To his credit, business community representative to the Challenge, Arnold Weber, former President of Northwestern University, raised objections to a proposal of Bill Ayers to funnel money into the anti-union Local School Councils.  Obama, though, backed Ayers and Weber dropped his objections.)

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