Obama/Ayers Update: With Friends Like These….

Obama’s campaign says he was unaware of Bill Ayers “despicable” past yet Bob McCarthy, who worked closely with them during the Annenberg Challenge period, says different
And he also says that Ayers was an “important resource and collaborator” on the education project. 
McCarthy was at the Annenberg Institute at Brown, which coordinated the national Annenberg Challenge, while Ayers and Obama ran the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in the mid 1990s so he presumably knows what he is talking about.
Funny, Patricia Graham, a Harvard professor and once President of the Chicago based Spencer Foundation, told Education Week that Ayers was only a peripheral player at the CAC. 
Of course, Graham, the first board member appointed to the Annenberg Challenge board by Ayers, is trying to defend something that cannot be defended: namely her, and the Obama campaign’s, theory that Ayers had “nothing” to do with the appointment of Obama to the Annenberg Challenge board.
And Mike Klonsky provides us a 20 year retrospective on Ayers from William Schubert, colleague of Ayers at the University of Illinois here. Professor Schubert confirms what we have long understood here at Global Labor, namely, Bill Ayers “orchestrated the Chicago Annenberg Challenge” in order to advance his “social justice teaching” ideology. 
With friends like these, maybe there is no need for Obama to clear the air after all.
But as Global Labor readers are well aware I have no interest in seeing John McCain win the White House so why doesn’t Barack Obama hold a “come clean” session about his relationship with Ayers? He could use the event as an opportunity to tell us what he really thinks about education and juvenile justice so that we feel sure that Ayers’ ideas have no influence in the campaign.
With the Gallup Tracking Poll showing a narrowing of his lead in the last few days, despite the economic crisis, Obama owes himself a chance to dump the Ayers’ problem once and for all so that the remainder of the race concentrates on the big issues.

Proud of his association with William Ayers – The Boston Globe