Obama Confidante Bill Ayers Confirms Role in Obama Circle

How about that? No sooner than the voting was finally underway and Bill Ayers surfaces from the Hyde Park underground for….”spontaneous” simultaneous interviews with the Washington Post and The New Yorker…no doubt part of the rehabilitation effort necessary to enable the Obama confidante open access to the White House.

As might be expected, Ayers attempted to minimize his connection with Obama despite the extensive record and despite the fact that Obama himself told the media that they were in touch as recently as early 2007. 
But the New Yorker notes something the Post glossed over: Ayers says his contacts with “the Obama circle” continued until “his name became part of the campaign maelstrom.” Now the “maelstrom” really only began a few weeks ago when Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin accused Obama of “palling around with terrorists,” which indeed was one focus of the interviews today.
So unlike the millions of people that Ayers compared himself to in the interview whom he said would want to get to know Obama better (hey, who can argue with that – we are all wondering who Obama is given his relationship with a former terrorist and lifelong authoritarian and neo-stalinists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn), we know now from both Obama and Ayers that their relationship existed and continued into the campaign period itself.

Nonetheless, the reporters avoided probing Ayers on what his role was with the Obama circle.  I have already reported that it was significant and that in fact Ayers is part of a select group that includes only himself and Bernardine Dohrn inside the inner circle, and that the couple advises Obama and his wife Michelle directly and personally.

To remind readers that reporting included a credible source stating, among other things, that Ayers and Dohrn speak regularly with either Obama or his wife and have been involved in “vetting” campaign advisors and potential appointees and that Ayers and Axelrod spoke regarding efforts to prevent access to the records of work Ayers and Obama did together on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge from 1995 until 2002.
Since neither Ayers nor Dohrn have formal roles in the campaign organization (beneath them no doubt) they can continue to use that as a means to convince people that they are not involved. Ayers appears to confirm the structure of his relationship to the campaign when he told The New Yorker:
“I felt from the beginning that the Obama campaign had to run the Obama campaign and I have to run my life.”

Now why would someone who was NOT very involved with Obama have to make such a decision? Thus it did not surprise me at all as it did The New Yorker that Ayers was “curiously calm and cheerful” about the way he has been treated in the campaign. 

Ayers knew where he stood and knows where he stands now.  And so now the battle for the soul of the next Presidency moves to another stage.
(The obsequious non-reporting coming from the Post and the New Yorker only serves to remind how far those two pillars of modern American journalism have fallen from the days when they spoke truth to power. For a reminder of what that really meant to this country watch All The President’s Men when you have a chance.)

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