Obama Presidency: The more things change, the more they remain the same

The change we have been waiting for looks awfully damn familiar, doesn’t it?
Rahm Emanuel – NAFTA backing Clinton democrat hatchet man and Chicago machine representative
Larry Summers – a free trader from Harvard and a retread from the Clinton era
Eric Holder – another Clinton veteran responsible for freeing one of the most notorious financial criminals of the late 20th century 
Tom Daschle – an aging Senate veteran
Jim Jones – stalwart of the national security state
Hilary Clinton – enough said
Need I go on? So much for the anti-war movement and the labor movement. They gave up all their financial and political capital to elect Obama and this is what they get? Anyone who thinks this is McGovern, McCarthy or Bobby Kennedy, much less Martin Luther King is smoking something or other.
The so-called Pwogwessives for Obama like Tom Hayden, Bill Fletcher,  Carl Davidson, Bill Ayers, and Bernardine Dohrn, et al argue now that Obama has to move to the center in order to run the government but that the left and labor can provide the pressure to help him do the right thing.
Yet two years of pressure in the campaign period itself got us this Rogue’s Gallery of establishment figures to run the government!  What possible theory of political change could lead anyone to conclude that the Pwogwessive approach could really work?
Once again, labor and the left will be left out in the cold. When will they realize that only genuinely independent political action for very different social agenda can turn this country around? Perhaps in four MORE years of this? Well, we will still have troops in Iraq and likely several more wars since Obama made it clear he intends to continue the faux global war on terror.
And the situation for American workers will likely be far worse as well. Certainly the auto execs are clueless and the downward spiral for industrial America looks set to continue.
Those who followed the pied piper politics of Obama, Ayers, Hayden, Davidson are in for a rude awakening over the next few years.

Lawrence Summers to Head National Economic Council – WSJ.com