Neo-Con Boot is "Gobsmacked" by Obama Team – and not in a good way for left

Neo-con “thinker” (yes, they pretend to think) Max Boot at Commentary’s blog is thrilled at the new Obama team.  
No surprise when the left wing of this President means “humanitarian intervention” – you remember that, right? That was the excuse used by the Clinton team to kill off the Vietnam Syndrome. 
The latter was what held US power in check from the late 70s to the late 90s, to the extent it was held in check. It meant that unless there was strong domestic support for the deployment of US military power, it would be a risk to engage overseas. Hence we turned towards proxy forces like the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Contra terrorists in Nicaragua.
But then along came Somalia, Bosnia and then Iraq and the idea that we were using US power in a benign way – riding to the rescue of beleaguered aspirants for “democracy” and “human rights.” Harvard set up a whole new Center under the leadership of Samantha Power, among others, to promote this fig leaf of an excuse for American global power. Power was a close advisor of Obama’s until a misstep led to her ouster. She let the cat out of the bag early on: the “troops out of Iraq in 16 months” campaign promise would be adjusted once Obama took office.  In fact, she is back on the Obama bus – advising on new foreign policy appointments.
That’s what leads Boot here to note the common ground between “neo-liberals” like Hilary Clinton and neo-cons like himself. And so his overall assessment is that if that is the left of the Obama Administration the combination of Jim Jones, Bob Gates, Clinton and others makes the new regime positively McCain-like.
Strike another blow against the “pwogwessives for Obama” who promised nearly revolutionary change this time around.

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