Obama Honeymoon Crashing Already

Wow, that was quick. Prominent left liberal and Obamabot Bob Scheer is already expressing regrets about the rightward turn of the Obama regime and the Inauguration has not even taken place!
(Actually, the Electoral College has yet to meet so in theory there is time to elect Ralph Nader, whom Scheer thinks may have been right about Obama.) 
What has Scheer quite rightly exercised is the appointment of people like Larry Summers to prominent roles in the new Admnistration. Obama appears tone deaf to the plight of millions now suffering under the de-regulation schemes put in place by Summers and others like him during the waning years of the Clinton Administration.
The argument parallels the concerns raised by some about the Obama national security team, made up of Jim Jones, Bob Gates and Hillary Clinton.
David Brooks points out today on the News Hour that there are so many economists set to wander around the West Wing of the White House that one wonders who is really going to be making policy.
That suggest that the only hope for progressive Obama backers is that there is in fact an inner circle around the President who will filter out the influence of the Clinton-era re-treads.  
Now, that’s just rich, isn’t it? The hope for the left is that secret government will continue like that of the Bush era?

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