Obama Family Friend Speaks Out: The Real Bill Ayers?

Bill: Thou doth protest too much, methinks.

Striking how he ignores his own written statement that he was “family friends” with Obama, that he and Obama ran the Chicago Annenberg Challenge including grants of a million dollars to ex-maoist and Ayers protege Mike Klonsky’s Small Schools Workshop approved by Obama; and that far from “guilt by association” Ayers and Obama shared a common approach to education policy including what teachers union activists called “teacher bashing” interference in the governance of Chicago public schools.

And, of course, as reported here at Global Labor, Ayers and Obama continued a close relationship throughout the campaign including Ayers providing advice on appointments to the campaign and future administration.

Sure, just like “thousands” of others…..

Op-Ed Contributor – The Real Bill Ayers – NYTimes.com