Say What?

So can someone explain this odd report from SAG tonight?
If Jonathan Handel is right – and he usually is – then Doug Allen has now declared DVD residuals to be near the bottom of SAG’s wish list. 
And yet, the recent mediation was called off at the insistence of Membership First because of a refusal by the AMPTP to budge on DVD residuals – something which came as no surprise to anyone. As I long ago explained in bargaining it is MUCH harder to take something off of someone else’s plate than it is to fight over shares of something new. And the studios have been, albeit quite unfairly, eating up DVD profits for quite some time.
But SAG allegedly offered to give in on the new media “template” in return for some give on DVD’s.  Yet now we are told DVD’s really are not that important and it’s back to a fight over the incremental gains in new media.
That makes no sense whatsoever. Either someone had it wrong about the mediation process or Doug Allen is talking out his ear.

Digital Media Law: Report from SAG Town Hall Meeting