Auto Bailout Fallout: Corker Pops

The Good Senator from Nissan – oops, I mean, Tennessee – Bob Corker, should be asked to register as a foreign agent. He seems more interested in lowering US living standards to those found in Asia rather than helping rebuild US manufacturing so that it can provide socially useful products and productive jobs.
Corker keeps saying the UAW should lower wages – again – in order to be competitive.
But what does that mean? First, the UAW has already conceded far too much to the mantra of competitiveness in a downward spiral of wages and benefits. New workers make as little as $14 an hour in GM plants.  Second, UAW retirees are taking as big a haircut as bondholders because their retirement healthcare is dependent on a convertible note that is falling in value as we speak.  Third, even Fox is reporting that wages in US UAW plants are the same as those in non UAW plants. It is the lower cost of healthcare for those newer non UAW plants that is the problem.
Of course, there is an alternative – increase the wages and benefits of all workers across the board! HARMONIZE UPWARD NOT DOWN.
Now take that message back to your bosses at Nissan, Senator Bob.

U.A.W. in Center of Dispute Over Bailout Failure –