Board Revolt in SAG

I blogged a couple of days ago that the SAG National Board had made a mistake letting the Negotiating Committee have authority to send out a strike authorization vote. 
My concern was that it created a potential conflict of interest: the same committee that feels it is failing in the negotiations can cover its tracks by punting to the members. Of course, the members have far less information and, because of classic collective action problems familiar to those who run or study large public corporations, are really at the mercy of insiders. 
The problem is exacerbated inside SAG because the Negotiating Committee is controlled by a political party that no longer has a majority hold over the National Board.
But now it appears an effort is underway to correct the problem, led by New York and the Regional Boards, according to the latest from Strike Watch. 
(Btw, Vallywood wants to take notice of the fact that Andrew Salomon continues his fine work to cover SAG’s complex issues during the continuing 3-D chess match. But now he has to do so without the assistance of his able long time colleague Lauren Horwich who we have heard was a victim of a recent round of layoffs. Those interested in insightful and lively reporting on entertainment labor issues will miss Lauren and we hope she lands a new position soon that will enable her to put her skills to work.)

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