SAG Cancels Board Meeting – A Listers Blast Strike Vote

The news is coming fast and heavy this morning. 
I did some press calls this morning and the news that President Rosenberg finally understood some of the basics of corporate governance was just getting around when the latest blow to the Membership First “strategy” hit. Some 130 A Listers are out with a letter arguing against the strike vote. 
They make the obvious point: SAG needs to live to fight another day and concentrate on increasing actor power by strengthening alliances with the Guild’s sister unions. That does not mean that no gains can be made in this round – but it will require a change in the team, something I thought the Guild would have implemented last summer when the anti-AFTRA campaign failed.
Apparently President Rosenberg was not in fact sincere about the need for an “emergency” board meeting to denounce what he called “subversive” action by the NY Division of SAG. When NY pointed out to SAG that corporate law allows board members to attend board meetings via conference call, Rosenberg understood that meant that Membership First would not have a majority at the meeting and thus unable to hammer through resolutions backing their Strike Vote attempt.
NY of course had simply raised the same concerns about the Strike Vote as the A listers now have. Will President Rosenberg now denounce these prominent SAG members as “subversives”?
Presumably not.

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