The Artful Writer Throws Allan and Allen a Lifeline

Time for Doug and Alan to phone a friend – they likely do not consider Craig Mazin of The Artful Writer a friend but he is one smart and experienced son of a gun.
The key point – that the internet is fluff for now. 
Just try doing on line what you can on the screen. DOES NOT WORK. It will take a decade to get anywhere near what TV and the theater does. Do I want to watch Quantum of Solace on a 13 inch computer screen?? Does anyone in their right mind?? Maybe someone stuck on a cross country flight who is flying business or first, and thus has enough space to watch the damn thing with some comfort. But a mass audience??
Tell me really that millions, no, billions, of people are going to switch from TV to laptops, lugging around ten pound hunks of metal and plastic that burn, blowup and freeze on you – sometimes all at once – in order to watch a movie.
And that does not even get at the problem of the last mile pipes…..
I’ve been advising high tech startups in Silicon Valley for nearly 15 years. I can’t tell you how many thousands have crashed and burned because instead of leading edge technology they really had bleeding edge technology.
That’s why we call it “ADventure” Capital….
Of course, Membership First, even Justine Bateman, probably understands this. But they need something to hang their hat on after dropping DVDs for the lack of any clue as to how to succeed in attacking that $20,000,0000,0000.00 – $20 BILLION – cash cow for the congloms.
So instead they are going after the $200,000,000.00 – $200 Million – cash calf?
A second key point that Craig does not make, but implies is that the differences between what SAG says it would settle for and the terms currently on the table are not clear and convincing to a wider audience. 
That means actors  – who depend on their relationship to a wider public – cannot credibly stand in front of a movie theater and tell people not to cross their picket line. 
The WGA could do that – they could say, hey, we are unionized on TV but not on the internet and everyone, I mean everyone, agreed that that was not fair.
But SAG has to stand out in the cold and say, hey, we are unionized on screen but not on the internet unless X,Y, and Z. By the time you get to Y you have lost your audience. Forget about explaining force majeur or french hours (does that mean you get wine with lunch?).
For a perfect example of what will happen the minute the Guild tries to convince anyone to support their strike go to this apparently pro-strike authorization video on You Tube.
Giving up that simple, credible and convincing argument was the most important casualty of Membership First’s “go it alone” strategy.

The Artful Writer – SAG Needs To Throw It Into Reverse…Quickly…