SAG Board Majority Moves For Written Assent

In the wake of the “dilatory tactics” by the Membership First minority on the National Board over the past two days, the majority appears to be moving towards taking action by “written assent”. 

This is based on a provision in  the SAG Constitution that explicitly allows the board to act through a written instrument by majority. The default provision under California corporate law requires unanimous written consent for a board action without a meeting. 
But it also allows SAG to provide otherwise and SAG’s Constitution has put in place the majority written assent provision.

They had better move fast, Alan Rosenberg has told Bloomberg that he intends to send out the SAV and, perhaps more incredibly, thinks it will reach the required 75% threshold. Of course, what else would he say? 
As I blogged earlier today, MF no doubt now wants to use the SAV to preserve political credibility. If it tops 50% they can claim majority support and try to ride that into the fall elections in an effort to reclaim their Board majority.