Bloomberg summarized the state of play as of this morning, but in a more recent interview they now agree that Seymour Cassell was wrong about the vote against Doug Allen.
Another source tells me the meeting has taken a break but that the filibuster of MF has been effective in blocking action.  Jonathan Handel tells me a lunch break – perhaps a nap – is also on the cards.
Backstage’s BlogStager Andrew Solomon reports the meeting is over and that Allen has survived and he confirms it was due to filibustering by MF. 
He quotes me and notes I “withdrew” from the NED search process in 2006 due to differences over governance issues. I thought the approach being taken by the Guild would not allow the organization to get the most out of their professional staff. Clearly that deficit is being felt today as the organization is on verge of dissolution.
It may be time for SAG to consider internal mediation of its own disputes before resuming external negotiations. 
A “Desmond Tutu” or “Jimmy Carter” type may be required here.
The alternative: S.A.G. goes M.A.D. – Mutually Assured Destruction of the Screen Actors Guild.