SAG’s “new majority” moves to oust NED

As many had speculated over the past few weeks, the new majority on the Screen Actor’s Guild National Board moved today to oust SAG’s embattled National Executive Director, Doug Allen. SAG Watch, a website known to be sympathetic to the new majority, reports that a majority written assent to oust Allen and replace him with David White, as interim NED, has been delivered to SAG.

Allen, the former NFL Players Association staffer, was under pressure for failing to implement a successful strategy at SAG and for the delay in facing other open negotiations between the Guild and the Talent Agents, the Commercials industry and others. In addition, Allen seemed to have gone “all in” with the attacks on AFTRA, the sister guild to SAG, led by SAG President Alan Raosenberg.

White will be viewed, of course, as a sound and safe choice for the short term, but outside of his experience as SAG’s general counsel he is not deeply experienced in the labor movement and questions will likely be raised as to his ability to devise a long term strategy to knit the entire Guild back together. Until that happens the Actors union faces insurmountable challenges from competing unions like AFTRA as well as the changing structure of the industry.

I was just interviewed by Bloomberg about the new developments and will communicate more as I learn details.