Is Vallywood! no longer welcome at SAG Watch?

It appears that my postings here and my comments are no longer welcome at SAG Watch, the blog run anonymously but widely seen as sympathetic to the groups within SAG that are in opposition to the policies of Membership First. 

I have tried unsuccessfully posting comments there over the last few days, and in particular over the last 24 hours when agent Neil Hassman alleged, inaccurately, that I “back pedaled” in my comments here about the blogs I posted on the muzzling of Alan Rosenberg and the apparent deal that the new SAG staff leadership appears intent on working with the AMPTP.

I have also noticed that my posts here which in the past were linked to on SAG Watch are now studiously ignored. That’s fine by me if the things I say are of no interest to folks there, but apparently that is not the case with these recent posts.

Here is the comment I tried, twice, to submit to SAG Watch:

I most definitely did not back pedal: I have always thought the MF strategy was wrong. Why does anyone here think I withdrew from the NED talks and wrote my infamously expensive strategy memo some three years ago?

But that does not mean it was right to attempt to strip the SAG Presidency of its right to speak on behalf of the organization that has, twice, elected him to office. Nor is it right, in my view, to concede without mounting any effort at all to the new media straightjacket.

Of course, if there is nothing left in the tank to fight with then it is certainly understandable that SAG would agree to the New Media terms on the table and call it a day in order to re-group for future battles. There is no shame in that at all and, in fact, the current WGA/DGA/IA/AFTRA terms offer some very solid gains under the circumstances.

For the record, I, too, found it odd that the moment I voiced any criticism of the SAG Watch view point I seemed to be persona non grata.

This last imbroglio heated up when Matt Mulhern, a rather prolix Membership First advocate, posted copies of my blogs on SAG Watch in their comments section. These were then deleted by SAG Watch because they alleged they did not have “rights” to my posts. But they must know, since they have frequently posted long excerpts of 3d party posts of the “fair use” exception to copyright which would have protected them against any claim I might have raised.

One suspects that because I have, of late, raised some polite criticism of the new leadership at SAG that I am no longer welcome at SAG Watch. Of course this is far lighter treatment than I have received at other SAG-related blogs when I raised criticisms of Membership First. Those folks engaged in lies and slander and insinuation, tactics which the rest of the labor movement left behind when Senator McCarthy died.

To clarify the situation I have now prepared a Creative Commons license for this site that allows re-posting my blog posts elsewhere as long as attribution is provided.

3 thoughts on “Is Vallywood! no longer welcome at SAG Watch?”

  1. Whatever technical glitch may explain the disappearance of my comments of late does not explain why SAG Watch studiously ignored my defense of the right of the SAG President to speak on behalf of SAG.

  2. First, I’m a manager.

    Second, I have always been a huge proponent of your viewpoint, and continue to read you studiously and respect you enormously. So perhaps in that post I wasn’t clear enough.

    You have always viewed MF with a “jaundiced eye”, and my reference to “backpedalling” in that post was more that [in reponse to Voiceguy] you’d seemingly stepped back to your former skepticism, which was not evident (to me) in the original post.

    Keep at it, please, you are an extremely valuable source of information in these crazy times.

  3. Comments have become more difficult to post at because of spam filtering. If you use the term “DVD” anywhere in the text, for example, that can cause the entire comment to be blackholed. I’m sure that’s the only reason your comment didn’t get posted — it didn’t get past the automatic filtering, and no one at even knew you were trying to post.

    You can tell immediately if your comment has been rejected, because you don’t get a display showing your comment with the legend that it is “awaiting moderation.” Instead, the display jumps back to the top of the message page.

    In that case, use the back button, select and copy your entire comment, then post a comment saying “insert here” or “test” or the like and then e-mail the actual comment to They are very good about manually posting the comment in place of your placeholder.

    For what it’s worth, I didn’t view your response to me as backpedaling. I debated whether to post a further response to your response and chose not to at the time. I may yet do that.

    Also for what it’s worth, know that I have to use the manual comment posting method I described above quite frequently. I would estimate that better than half of my comments get rejected and must be e-mailed in. Rarely has it taken more than a few minutes (at least during the daytime) for an e-mailed comment to be posted.


    P.S. – I still would urge you to use the dashboard to activate the “Preview” function for comments.

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