The NY Times on the SAG Conflict

I was interviewed this morning for this story on the SAG situation which will appear in tomorrow’s edition of the The New York Times.

Understandably the interview touched on a number of issues, such as merger with AFTRA, which I also commented on but that did not make it into this story. But I think the key point is made: the recent events may result in a contract but this is a deeply divided union that must find a way to heal itself in order to move forward and be an effective advocate for its members.

As the author, Edward Wyatt, succinctly put it in his lead:

The Screen Actors Guild, riven by a mutiny that led to its chief bargainer being thrown overboard in the middle of contract negotiations with the Hollywood studios, appears to be on the verge of righting itself. Whether the ship has taken on too much water to keep from sinking, however, remains a question.

The way forward must start with a strategic analysis of the new setting the industry finds itself in and a plan to move the organization forward.