The New York Times gets Punk’d

It took the New York Times five interviews with me by three different reporters and they still did not get the story about Barack Obama and Bill Ayers in the 1990’s Chicago School Wars right.

But it took only five minutes for the Daily Show to rip the mask of legitimacy from the Times the other night. The video is here (hat tip to TechCrunch). A junior no name “reporter” from the show easily got the advantage over Times veteran Richard Berke and Managing Editor Bill Keller. One wonders if Keller himself isn’t looking longingly at the “life boats” he, revealingly, suggests are now surrounding the Times building.

I am reminded of that line from The Godfather: when Sollozzo, aka The Turk, says to Tom Hagen after the shooting of Don Corleone – “The old man is slipping; ten years ago I couldn’t have gotten to him.”