1. joshua

    A commen sense question that comes to mind is “Who is behind Dohrn and Ayers to have made it so easy for them to get back on their feet and have a relationship with a future president?”

  2. JBean

    Thanks for your continued effort in pursuing this relationship, Mr. Diamond. The fog is slowly lifting.

    Tom Ayers helped with Obama’s education; Bill Ayers helped write his book. That’s quite a bit of indebtedness owed to an unrepentant terrorist.

  3. Stephen Diamond

    Hulton said Obama looked 19 but is certain their meeting took place in the mid-1980s and thus placed his age as early 20s.

  4. TeakWoodKite

    What if the postal carrier is correct that BO was 19?

    I wonder if the Postal worker that had the route for the apartment NYC has any recollections.

    Nice to have found your site Steve Diamond. I wonder what the “code” was.

  5. Glennmcgahee

    Nobody knows you as well as your mail carrier.

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