Polanski Prosecutor Wells’ 2d Lie

imagesLooks like David Wells, the “I’m telling the truth now, really” former prosecutor in the Polanski case, not only lied to the film makers whose documentary caused Polanski to try to get the statutory rape case against him reconsidered but he also repeated the lie to the New York Times.

This certainly undermines his claim to CNN that he thought his comments in the film indicating that his ex parte conversations with the Judge in the case helped get the plea bargain with Polanski rescinded would only be seen in Europe!

Even today the Times retains some domestic US readership.

My guess at the outcome of this case?  Polanski spends two more months in a Swiss prison while the extradition battle is fought out and then the LA DA settles the case for time served.  That may not be the just outcome but even the victim here has asked that Polanski be left alone.