Former US Marine, now a State Department officer, resigns over Afghan War

quagmireThe first significant resignation in protest over the US quagmire to be in Afghanistan has taken place. A link to the letter from Matthew Hoh is below.

Hoh told the US Ambassador who heads up the Foreign Service that we “misunderstand” the insurgency’s “true nature” and that US support for the Afghan government “reminds me horribly of our involvement with South Vietnam.”

Hoh is a former Marine who fought in Iraq. He explains that what is alleged to be a battle against Taliban insurgents is in fact part of a 35 year old civil war over the control of the Pashtun territory.

His reference to Vietnam is both accurate and tragically  ironic in that we are currently signaling to Vietnam, Burma and China that we will go easy on their human rights violations. Continued US presence, he argues, contributes to the legitimacy of the insurgency.

How long will it take the Obama Administration’s “human rights dream team” (Harold Koh, Michael Posner, Samantha Power, Rosa Brooks and Sarah Cleveland) to follow suit with this brave soldier?

Matthew Hoh first US official to resign over Afghan War.