DVD Sales Tick Up – Leaving Hollywood Guilds in the Cold

Once again the numbers indicate the devastating impact of the failed strategy of the Hollywood unions.

Both the WGA and SAG were taken over by more militant sounding leaders several years ago and both vowed significant gains for the members.  Both failed, leaving the lopsided DVD revenue sharing formula on the cutting room floor in order to focus on the so-called “new media” sector.

Yet revenue numbers indicate a major difference between the two that only highlights the mistake in strategy: DVDs generate 20-25 billion annually in rentals and sales while new media comes in at some just north of $200 million while models like that of Hulu and YouTube have yet to turn a dime of profit.

Now, both the WGA and SAG are back in the hands of the so-called moderates who have had little to say on this issue over the years. At SAG all the talk is of merger with AFTRA with little, well actually no, serious explanation of how merger would make the DVD issue any more tractable.

Blockbusters May Rescue Ailing 2009 DVD Sales | The Wrap.