US Intelligence Community Uses NYT to CYA

What is it about defensive USG officials that makes them sound like teenagers who “forgot” to do their homework?

Oh, ok, yeah, we were, like, listening in on communications between alleged mass murderer Major Hasan and banned 9/11-linked radical cleric al-Awlaki but nothing really alarmed us….

Of course, Scott Shane has been willing to cover up for Obama in the past, why not for his friends in the intelligence community.

Wonder how the Times editorial team feels now about saying others were jumping to conclusions? It was their reporters who went on about how Hassan might have had “secondary” PTSD – yet it turns out Hasan was not significantly involved in counseling soldiers after all. According to Ft. Hood commander Lt. Gen. Cone:

“He didn’t have an extensive role in counseling soldiers.” Instead, Cone told the Washington Post he was primarily involved with “writing psychological profiles” of patients.

Fort Hood Suspect Communicated With Radical Cleric, Authorities Say –