Sweet Turns Sour: What Chicago Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet Won’t Admit

sweet_60The Chicago Sun-Times reporter Lynn Sweet criticized Sarah Palin here for discussing the Bill Ayers controversy in her new book yesterday. Sweet says Palin was wrong about the significance of the now infamous Fall, 1995, meet and greet hosted for Barack Obama by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in their Hyde Park home

But Sweet did not quite get the story right and has so far refused to post my comment on her blog explaining why so I am posting it here for my readers. (And I promise that if Sweet wants to reply I will post her comment!)

You are partly right about Palin’s take on Ayers.

It would have been more accurate to say that Ayers played a significant role in launching Obama’s career, and certainly the meet and greet with Alice Palmer and Obama in the Ayers/Dohrn living room was not the only thing that Ayers did for Obama.

There is, for example, Ayers’ appointment of Obama to the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge earlier that year and, if biographer Christopher Andersen is right, there is Ayers’ role in helping Obama finish his memoir Dreams of my father the year before.

However, it was, I believe, Quentin Young who said the purpose of the meet and greet was to introduce Obama to the Hyde Park/Kenwood left. That introduction was certainly a critical contribution to Obama’s success in the upcoming campaign in light of Palmer’s own pro-Soviet politics.

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  1. Sure, it’s possible, but I have not seen any credible evidence to support that kind of link. My sense is that the “stalinist” politics of Davis had long since disappeared by the time he hung out with Obama, as the entire CP milieu in Hawaii and elsewhere had morphed into something quite different. I am not sure how “better” research could help find evidence that does not exist in the public domain.

  2. Is it possible that the the relationship between Obama and the terrorist began much earlier in the radical campus of Columbia University. Is it so out of line to make some room for the possibility that Obama arrived with “good references” from “my friend” Frank Marshal Davis, a fellow Stalinist beached in Hawaii. From the interviews and articles written by Dr. Drew (troll around his earlier entries: http://anonymouspoliticalscientist.blogspot.com/), the ” one we have been waiting for” knew exactly whom to contact on campus, furthermore, as Mr. Cashill explains, the one pathetic news article authored by Obama, who had no record of writing anything but a sad poem in Occidental, was also written for him by terrorist Bill Ayer, for the purpose of giving the ambitious Obama some credence among campus lefties, later to be recruited by a pair of Stalinists, also friends of Ayre, to go to Chicago, and “organize”. Those who do not have the academic titles seem to be more skeptical of the various versions of the politically motivated “rewriting” of events. Dear Professor, better research could be helpful in the future.

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