Message to Obama…. “Sooner is better than later!”

n257466555150_2291Despite attempts by some Obamabots (are you listening Chris Matthews?) to suggest something faintly racist in the Massachusetts vote for moderate Republican Scott Brown, the fact is that “it’s the economy, stupid.”

It is not just the “white working class” (a patronizing and meaningless term that Matthews insists on using) that is sending Obama a message. The population as a whole (other than a few Goldman bankers) is in pain, and Obama needs to respond. And not with the knee jerk overly complicated measures like Volcker’s too big to fail nonsense (more on that another time).

So here are three simple suggestions:

1) Shake up the White House team: that Chicago cabal is in over its head as I have said here many times before. Bring in credible figures trusted and known to all voters. There is plenty of talent around.

2) Keep people in their homes: issue an executive order creating a one year moratorium on all home foreclosures pending a more thorough resolution of the housing crisis (more on that too later).

3) Improve health care and create jobs at the same time: Initiate a national campaign to recruit, train and deploy a million new nurses into our health care system. Nurses are the front line of patient care, yet there is a massive nursing shortage in this country.  Such a campaign creates jobs while having an immediate impact on cost and quality in the system.

Three simple steps.

Sometimes the most obvious moves are the hardest to make but with 2012 just around the corner I am reminded of the famous line of Milla Jovovich’s Joan of Arc as she rouses her troops during the Battle of Orleans: “Sooner is better than later.”

2 thoughts on “Message to Obama…. “Sooner is better than later!””

  1. I love the nurse idea. you might also increase the nursing school facilities. There are a shortage of these schools as well. There are waiting lists a mile long for these programs in California at the JC level.

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