1. Gringo

    Dr. DIamond: Did you read De Polonia a Nicaragua, by Robert Czarkowski? IMHO, a country that arrests and jails someone merely on suspicion of belonging to Solidarity is up to no good.

    What first soured me on the Sandinistas was their March 1980 joint proclamation with the USSR, which in part said:
    “The Soviet Union and Nicaragua resolutely condemn the campaign that the
    imperialist and reactionary forces have launched of building up international tension in connection with events in Afghanistan, a campaign aimed at subverting the inalienable right of the people of the people of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan and other peoples of the world to follow the path of
    progressive transformations.”

    In Central American Crisis Reader. Also in Barricada, circa March 23,1980, but in Spanish.

    Reading Carlos Fonseca’s Un Nicaraguense en Moscu, where he parrots the Soviet line on the events in Hungary in 1956, did not endear the Sandinistas to me. Founding father and all that.

    They were not Soviet puppets. Rather, they jumped into the laps of the Soviets.

  2. Rob Crawford

    “For many decades the reputation of the tiny terrorist group has tainted the entire left.”


    More like inspired and informed. If it truly were a “taint”, and the left believed it to be so, then no one even tangentially connected with it could be politically acceptable. The left clearly does not believe so, or the NYT would have made it clear Obama’s association with Ayers and Dohrn was unacceptable. That they covered it up makes it clear it does not bother them in the least.

  3. Tom Maguire

    I saw that line about Ayers and Annenberg while flipping through the Remnick book at Barnes &Noble and was sure you would pounce (unless a spike in your blood pressure caused an aneurysm).

    Remnick also mentions that a dinner guest of Bill Ayers’ remembers meeting Michelle Obama at a dinner party. The timing is very hazy; it seems to be after she took a job at the Medical Center, which would be after 1996.

    At one time I believed that as Obama developed an actual track record of achievement his strategists would be less worried about his being defined by his past acquaintances, and the truth would be allowed to trickle out.

    Now I am not so sure – Obama’a biography is integral to his brand and brand management.

  4. Stephen Diamond

    I have long disagreed with Dr. Radosh’s turn to the right, in particular his support for the illegal and inhumane contra war of the Reagan Administration against the Sandinista government in Nicaragua in the 1980s. My Ph.D. dissertation on the Nicaraguan conflict was an effort to examine that conflict from an independent and democratic left point of view. The book version of that dissertation can be viewed here.

    However, his summary of my argument about Ayers and Obama on Pajamas Media is, in fact, genuinely fair and balanced.

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