Which side are you on, President Obama? Which side are you on?

The Times reports Gibbs as saying this is not about taking sides. Right after his boss took sides – the wrong side – propping up dictator (yes, dictator, despite VP Biden’s comment to the contrary) Mubarak. Now that Mubarak has appointed his intelligence chief as his VP, what is the likely reaction of those in the streets? to the man who likely had a hand in their torture and repression for thirty years?

The US says it fears an Islamic turn in the revolution – well, one way to guarantee that is to force the people into the hands of the extremists because you choke off all other alternatives.

That is what we did in Nicaragua, propping up the Somoza dictatorship for thirty years and then when the people overthrew it anyway backing the illegal contra proxy force. Guess what? Chavez ally Daniel Ortega is back in power again.

MERIP has a fuller analysis here. As they conclude in an editorial:

The words of Obama and his chorus of apologists say it all: When it comes to the aspirations of ordinary Arabs for genuinely participatory politics and true self-determination, those vaunted American values are suspended, even when “special relationships” and hydrocarbon riches are not directly at issue. And the anti-democratic sentiment is bipartisan: On this question, there is less than a dime’s worth of difference between “progressive” Democrats and Republican xenophobes, between pinstriped State Department Arabists and flannel-clad Christian fundamentalists, between oil-first “realists” and Israel-first neo-conservatives. There is none.

When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn?

Which side are you on, Mr. President?

This is not about taking sides says Gibbs; Mubarak is not a dictator says Biden – NYTimes.com.